New Hyundai Home Program Helps Customers Tap Into Solar Power

Hyundai Solar Packages House Image | Gossett Hyundai South | Memphis, TN

Buying a Hyundai electric vehicle like the new IONIQ 5 SUV is just the first step in the journey toward more sustainable living. To help customers achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle, the new Hyundai Home program provides integrated and affordable clean energy solutions for EV charging and much more.

As part of Hyundai Home, a dedicated concierge will help customers select and set up high-quality in-home products like solar panels to generate electricity, an energy storage system for excess solar power, and 240-volt home EV charging. These products will feature extensive warranty coverage similar to what you’d get with a Hyundai vehicle.

“The goal of the Hyundai Home energy ecosystem is to provide an end-to-end mobility solution that lowers the barriers to EV adoption and gives customers dependable, industry-leading, clean electric power, and the ability to charge their electric vehicle at home,” said Olabisi Boyle, Hyundai Motor North America’s vice president for product planning and mobility strategy.

Hyundai Home will start rolling out in 2022 as an integral part of the automaker’s push to introduce an array of new IONIQ electric vehicles and achieve full carbon neutrality by 2045. Contact us here at Gossett Hyundai South in Memphis, Tennessee, to learn more about Hyundai Home and find out how you can test-drive the all-new IONIQ 5.

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