Hyundai Set to Make Rear Occupant Alert Standard on Most Models

Hyundai Rear Occupant Alert - Gossett Hyundai South - Memphis, TN

In an effort to help your family feel safer in Hyundai vehicles, Hyundai Motor America is working to make its Rear Occupant Alert door-logic system as standard on most of its models by 2022. It will also make its optional Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert, or system that’s similar to it, available on more of its models.

Rear Occupant Alert Benefits

These two ROA systems help prevent the tragedy of children dying in hot cars when temperatures rise. The ROA door-logic system is able to detect when a rear door is opened and closed before the car is started. When the driver goes to exit the vehicle, it reminds them to check the rear seat with a message on the center cluster, increasing child safety.

The Ultrasonic ROA uses the door-logic technology alongside an ultrasonic sensor that detects the movements of children and pets in the second-row seat. If the driver leaves the vehicle and locks the doors, if the system detects movement it will honk the horn and send an alert to the driver’s smartphone via the brand’s Blue Link connected car system.

Currently, the ROA door-logic system is standard on two Hyundai vehicles: the 2020 Santa Fe and 2020 Palisade. Each of these models also comes available with Ultrasonic ROA. Visit Gossett Hyundai South in Memphis, Tennessee, for a closer look at them and their technology.

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