Hyundai Kona Named Among Best Cars for Dog Lovers

Hyundai Kona: Best Cars for Dog Owners - Gossett Hyundai South - Memphis, TN

Let’s face it: while many vehicle accommodations exist for drivers with children, few automakers put effort into designing vehicles meant to handle the unique transportation needs of our lovable four-legged passengers. To help dog moms and dads everywhere find vehicles built for man’s best friend, industry juggernaut Autotrader curated a list of the 10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers. Unsurprisingly, Hyundai has an entry on the list.

Comfort for All

Dogtrader — Autotrader’s dog-centric imprint site — only included entrants on its “10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers” list that met very specific criteria. The pet-friendly vehicles on the list included tinted windows for cooler temperatures, a low cargo area with an even floor for ease of egress, non-suede seat upholstery, and cargo tie-downs for attaching a dog harness.

Perfect for Accessories

The 2020 Hyundai Kona was included on Autotrader’s “10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers” list in part because of the compact SUV’s pet-friendly vehicle accessories. These optional accessories include a dog water bottle, easy-to-clean floor mats, and a pet hammock. The cavernous Kona has enough room to fit up to 113.3 cubic feet of cargo, which is plenty of space for a large dog cage.

If you are interested in seeing how the Hyundai Kona can help you travel easier with your fur-babies, visit Gossett Hyundai South for a test drive.

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