Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Car

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Use these Spring cleaning hacks to get your car ready for the new season

If you have your car on your “spring cleaning” list, then we’re here to help you cross it off. Here are some spring cleaning hacks for your car.

  1. Use Dryer Sheets to Clean the Grill – Yeah, this sounds weird – but it works! Run dryer sheets in between the slots of your car’s grill to get out any debris like salt, bugs, or dirt that has collected over the winter. Plus, it’ll smell nice and fresh afterwards!
  2. Squeegee Away Hair – If your pets enjoy your car with you, then there’s probably some of their hair lying around. Use a squeegee to get it away! Just spray the seat surfaces with a thin layer of water and run the squeegee along them to pick up all the hair.
  3. Use Cupcake Liners – Silicone cupcake liners don’t have to live in the kitchen. Use them to line your cupholders. These are easy to remove and clean and are a cute pop of color for the spring season.
  4. Un-Sticky Your Dashboard – Goo Gone is a simple product that makes it easy to get all the sticky mess off of your dashboard. Use a little bit of this and a rag to get your dashboard feeling clean and smooth.
  5. Use Microfiber Cloth – Cleaning the dust from your car’s ceiling can be difficult because of its unique texture. Wiping it down with a microfiber cloth will catch all of the dust.

If you have any questions or need assistance maintaining your vehicle, come talk to us at Gossett Hyundai South. We’ll be glad to help however we can!

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