How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions in 2019

Here are some tips for how to keep your New Year Resolutions in 2019

Every year, countless people set goals to achieve in the New Year. While many do reach the goals they set, many more fall short. If you’ve experienced coming up short on your New Year’s resolutions in the past, you can take a few key steps this year to ensure you stay on the right track.

Take Baby Steps

Even if you have a big goal to reach, your best bet is to break it down into smaller steps. Chunking out your wins over the course of 12 months will help keep you motivated. If you set a larger goal to lose 25 pounds, you might easily become discouraged if you feel like it’s not coming fast enough. Instead, try setting a goal to lose two pounds each month. This way, you can quantify your progress every 30 days or so.

Don’t Give Up

Sticking with the idea of losing weight, say you have a month where you don’t lose your 2 pounds or perhaps even gain a little. Don’t quit on yourself. Rather, commit to getting back on the horse and, if possible, make up for your lost progress over time. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a misstep every now and then.

Ask For Help and Accountability

Being held accountable is a big part of motivation, so tell your friends and family about the progress you’re making. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support either. You may even want to seek the help of a counselor or coach to give you some direction and correct any behaviors that could be holding you back.

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