Keep the Kiddos Entertained with These Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Add some fun to your family gathering with these easy Thanksgiving crafts

The wait time between the end of the parade and the emergence of turkey from the oven on Thanksgiving Day can feel like forever, especially for your kids. Here are a few fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts you can share with your family to keep everyone happy and entertained come Turkey Day.

Turkey Windsocks

Break out the glue-guns! Strip the label off one of the many cans you used to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner. Glue on some googly-eyes, a felt nose (or any triangular piece of orange fabric), and a little teardrop-shaped gobbler to the front of the can. Add some feathers to the top and some long ribbon to the bottom, and you’ve got a beautiful little turkey windsock any child would be proud to hang on the front porch!

Gratitude Turkeys

Cut little feather-shaped pieces of colored paper. On them, have your kids write one thing they’re thankful for: mom, dad, siblings, candy, teachers — whatever comes to their minds. Then, glue the feathers to the back of a paper plate, having them stick out the top like the plumage of a real turkey. Glue an empty toilet-paper roll to the front of the plate and add some googly-eyes (or just use markers to decorate the turkey’s face). Have your kids present their Gratitude Turkeys to the family before you sit down for dinner.

From our family at Gossett Hyundai South to yours, have a happy and filling Thanksgiving!

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