Summer Road Trip Tips to Consider

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Follow these summer road trip tips for a fun and safe vacation

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip vacation, but the heat can add extra stress. Follow these easy summer road trip tips to have a safe, fun vacation with your family or friends.

Pre-Inspect Your Vehicle

Before you leave on your trip, it’s important to get a vehicle inspection done. Make sure your engine oil is fresh and full, you have plenty of coolant, your battery has a strong charge, and your air conditioner is working well. Heat puts more strain on every part of your car, and you don’t want to have a breakdown in hot weather.

Avoid The Heat

If you do break down, it’s important to have ways to keep yourself cool and shaded while you wait for assistance. Make sure you have plenty of water in your car, electric fans, and snacks to help you keep your strength up. To be certain that you have what you need, pack a summer-specific emergency kit with all the essentials.

Snack Light

Speaking of snacks, you don’t want to bring food that’s too heavy or hard on your stomach. Being queasy on a long road trip is not only uncomfortable but can lead to distracted driving. Light foods like dried fruit and crackers will keep your stomach from getting upset.

Stay Entertained

Finally, bring plenty of entertainment, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Audiobooks and podcasts, music, portable DVD players, and handheld games are all good options for keeping the drive from getting too boring. Don’t rely on driving games that you’ll get bored with.

The most important summer road trip tip: have fun and be safe! If you need a new ride for your next adventure, stop into Gossett Hyundai South and make it happen.

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