Hyundai In-Car Payment System Developed for Added Convenience

The new Hyundai in-car payment system is designed to make shopping easier for Hyundai owners

Hyundai is working with Xevo and other brands to develop an in-car payment system that is aimed at making your life easier. This system will allow drivers to find and pay for gas at select Chevron and Texaco stations, order Applebee’s® To Go, and find and pay for parking with ParkWhiz.

Digital Connectivity

How does it work? According to Hyundai, the system uses connectivity services and a Hyundai Digital Wallet payment platform to securely access services like those mentioned above. The digital wallet platform uses a secure processing system to help you check out from the comfort of the driver’s seat.  While the services you can access are currently limited, Hyundai hopes to expand them in the near future.

“Combining Xevo’s innovative Market solution and our artificial intelligence, car, cloud, and mobile expertise with Hyundai’s Blue Link technology makes it possible for Hyundai to offer consumers a secure, convenient way to connect with their favorite brands and make payments while in the car,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo.

More Tech Concepts

The new technologies were showcased at TU-Automotive Detroit in early June. Hyundai is also experimenting with usage-based insurance to offer savings, which Hyundai Motor America Senior Group Manager of Vehicle Technology Planning Cason Grover says will provide both savings and convenience to customers.

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