Introducing the New Smart Air Purification System from Hyundai

We look forward to the new Hyundai Smart Air Purification System in future models at Gossett Hyundai South in Memphis, TN.

Last month, Hyundai Motor Group announced its new Smart Air Purification system, which could be implemented in future Hyundai and Kia models, to deliver truly purified air to passengers on the go. The system is designed to monitor the interior air quality of a vehicle and actively filter the air until it is completely pure. The automated monitoring system will continually check the quality of the air until it achieves “Excellent” status.

Health Benefits

The system not only purifies air while drivers travel but also removes fine particulates before the driver and passengers even enter the car, so they enter to enjoy an already clean breathing experience. This technology is crucial to keeping us healthy, as particulates, especially in areas with heavy traffic, can be detrimental when breathed in regularly.

Focus On Comfort

“Enabling our customers to breathe the cleanest air, even in highly-polluted areas, is a demonstration of how Hyundai Motor Group strives to care for its customers,” explained YongSuk Shin, head of FR Interior & Exterior System Engineering Design Team. “This innovation is just one of many projects we are working on to provide our customers with the best in-car environments.”

This system will be used in conjunction with high-performance air filters, which generally collect between 94 percent and 99 percent of fine particulates. We look forward to seeing this technology improve our driving experiences in future Hyundai models. When the future arrives, you’ll be able to experience it right here at Gossett Hyundai South.

New, City-Savvy 2020 Hyundai Venue Arrives This Fall

The 2020 Hyundai Venue, coming soon to Gossett Hyundai South in Memphis

This spring, Hyundai unveiled its new entry-level crossover: the 2020 Venue. This fun-size crossover is the smallest SUV of the Hyundai lineup, but don’t let its size fool you — the 2020 Hyundai Venue bursts with performance and advanced features, offering everything that contemporary, city-savvy drivers are looking for.

  • Value and sophistication: Despite its entry-level price tag, the 2020 Venue looks luxurious and features a bold, eye-catching silhouette. Its design emphasizes advanced technology and exceptional fuel efficiency, providing a smart and city-friendly ride.
  • Upscale interior: The 2020 Venue is your own personal retreat, as it features a range of comfort, convenience, and connectivity tech to suit your modern lifestyle. The Venue offers upscale amenities like heated seats, push-button start, and a power sunroof. It also features an advanced infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen display and Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility, making your ride impeccably smart and connected.
  • Cutting-edge safety: To ensure that you feel cool and confident while traversing city streets, the 2020 Venue features cutting-edge safety and driver-assist features. The Venue features standard Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Driver Attention Warning, and Lane Keeping Assist, enhancing your visibility, awareness, and safety on the road. For a bit of extra coverage, you can opt for Blind Spot Collision Warning and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist.

The 2020 Hyundai Venue promises to be a winner when it arrives in the late fall/early winter this year. For more information, watch this space or stop into Gossett Hyundai South for all the info you need.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Gossett Hyundai South is here to help you with Spring Cleaning your car

Spring cleaning is not just for your home — your car has probably accumulated some unwanted grime over the past few seasons, and the start of spring is the perfect time for a refresh. A fresh start is what the season is all about, so take our advice and use these tips to get your vehicle spring clean.

Start on the Outside

The first step to spring cleaning your car is washing the exterior. You’ll want to start from the top since all the grime and dirt will wash down, saving your wheels and undercarriage for last. Use a product specifically for car washing if you can — you’ll want to avoid using household cleaners so that you don’t wear down the paint. Once it’s done, dry with a clean microfiber towel.

Work Your Way Inside

When cleaning out the interior, you’ll want to pay attention to every nook and cranny. Get rid of old receipts and tickets as well as any other clutter that might have accumulated during the winter. For your dashboard, console, and other surfaces, use a mild cleaning spray and microfiber towel. Take glass cleaner to the windows, and if you have a leather interior, invest in a leather-friendly spray. Be sure to vacuum out your seats and carpets.

If you need help getting your vehicle sparkling for spring, the experts at Gossett Hyundai South can help. Stop in and we’ll get you set up for spring.

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Car

Use these Spring cleaning hacks to get your car ready for the new season

If you have your car on your “spring cleaning” list, then we’re here to help you cross it off. Here are some spring cleaning hacks for your car.

  1. Use Dryer Sheets to Clean the Grill – Yeah, this sounds weird – but it works! Run dryer sheets in between the slots of your car’s grill to get out any debris like salt, bugs, or dirt that has collected over the winter. Plus, it’ll smell nice and fresh afterwards!
  2. Squeegee Away Hair – If your pets enjoy your car with you, then there’s probably some of their hair lying around. Use a squeegee to get it away! Just spray the seat surfaces with a thin layer of water and run the squeegee along them to pick up all the hair.
  3. Use Cupcake Liners – Silicone cupcake liners don’t have to live in the kitchen. Use them to line your cupholders. These are easy to remove and clean and are a cute pop of color for the spring season.
  4. Un-Sticky Your Dashboard – Goo Gone is a simple product that makes it easy to get all the sticky mess off of your dashboard. Use a little bit of this and a rag to get your dashboard feeling clean and smooth.
  5. Use Microfiber Cloth – Cleaning the dust from your car’s ceiling can be difficult because of its unique texture. Wiping it down with a microfiber cloth will catch all of the dust.

If you have any questions or need assistance maintaining your vehicle, come talk to us at Gossett Hyundai South. We’ll be glad to help however we can!

2019 Hyundai Kona, Kona Electric Win 2019 North American Utility of the Year

The 2019 North American Utility of the Year, the Hyundai Kona

Hyundai has rung in the New Year on just about the best foot possible. The 2019 Hyundai Kona and Kona Electric CUV have not only been named to Car and Driver’s 10Best Trucks and SUVs List, but they share in the title of 2019 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year.

“We couldn’t be more proud [sic] of our innovative new Kona and Kona Electric crossover winning the prestigious North American Utility Vehicle of the Year,” said Brian Smith, chief operating officer, Hyundai Motor America. “Kona is an affordable, stylish, and functional compact CUV, tailored to the needs of customers who pursue active lifestyles of all kinds.”

The Experts Agree

This year’s North American Utility Vehicle of the Year jury included 54 media outlets, broadcast and journalism veterans, and freelance auto writers. The jury confirmed that the Kona and Kona CUV are the superior choice.

Car and Driver’s editors were effusive in their praise of the Kona, saying that it is “is proof that not all crossovers are equal,” setting a high bar with superior ergonomics and driver-friendly design.

Award-Winning Design & Features

Both the Kona and Kona Electric are stylish, affordable, and built upon all-new crossover platforms. The Kona Electric is a particularly inspired choice for drivers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, offering an estimated range of 258 miles on a single charge.*

To learn more about the award-winning 2019 Hyundai Kona and Kona Electric, stop into Gossett Hyundai South.

*2019 Kona EV. Up to 258 miles all-electric range based on a fully charged battery back with 64.0-kWh capacity and 120 MPGe. MPGe is the EPA-equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation. All figures are EPA estimates and for comparison purposes only. Actual range and mileage will vary with options, driving conditions and habits, vehicle and battery’s condition and other factors.

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions in 2019

Here are some tips for how to keep your New Year Resolutions in 2019

Every year, countless people set goals to achieve in the New Year. While many do reach the goals they set, many more fall short. If you’ve experienced coming up short on your New Year’s resolutions in the past, you can take a few key steps this year to ensure you stay on the right track.

Take Baby Steps

Even if you have a big goal to reach, your best bet is to break it down into smaller steps. Chunking out your wins over the course of 12 months will help keep you motivated. If you set a larger goal to lose 25 pounds, you might easily become discouraged if you feel like it’s not coming fast enough. Instead, try setting a goal to lose two pounds each month. This way, you can quantify your progress every 30 days or so.

Don’t Give Up

Sticking with the idea of losing weight, say you have a month where you don’t lose your 2 pounds or perhaps even gain a little. Don’t quit on yourself. Rather, commit to getting back on the horse and, if possible, make up for your lost progress over time. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a misstep every now and then.

Ask For Help and Accountability

Being held accountable is a big part of motivation, so tell your friends and family about the progress you’re making. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support either. You may even want to seek the help of a counselor or coach to give you some direction and correct any behaviors that could be holding you back.

If one of your goals for 2019 is getting behind the wheel of a stylish new vehicle, that’s quite easy to achieve: Just come in to Gossett Hyundai South!

Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Program Earns Awards

When shopping for a used car, Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned offers many incredible benefits

Hyundai is well-known for the exceptional quality of its new vehicles, and with the Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned program, it’s every bit as beloved if you’re in the market for a new-to-you vehicle. The love for Hyundai CPO extends to critical acclaim, as evidenced in December when the program earned a pair of major awards.

Individual Honors

The Hyundai Elantra and Veloster both earned the Best CPO Value in America Award from Vincentric in their respective segments. The Elantra has now been named the best compact vehicle and best compact hatchback two years in a row, while the Veloster earns its third straight title for best sports car.

Brand Honors

In addition, IntelliChoice named Hyundai the Best CPO program in its 20th annual Certified Pre-Owned Car awards.

“The needs of our customers are always top of mind, which is why we consistently deliver vehicles like the Elantra and the Veloster, both with a low cost-of-ownership without compromising outstanding performance and value,” said Tom Love, senior group manager, Retail Operations, Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai is committed to providing long-term quality at every touch point, which results in customers continuing to select Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.”

Hyundai CPO Features

Every Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a new 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty on top of any time remaining on the original 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle warranty, as well as 10 years and unlimited miles of roadside assistance and reimbursement for covered repairs and travel interruption. To become a Hyundai CPO, a vehicle must first as a 150-point comprehensive inspection.

To see our selection of Hyundai CPO vehicles, stop into Gossett Hyundai South.

Our Favorite Christmas Car Decorations

Get festive with these Christmas car decorations

While we don’t always get the most snow down here in Memphis, we still know how to put ourselves in the Christmas spirit with lovely — and sometimes off-the-wall — holiday decor. If you’re in the mood to do more than deck-the-halls this Christmas season, consider applying some of these Christmas car decorations to your beloved Hyundai from Gossett Hyundai South.

Classic Rudolph

Yes, you may see a lot of these on the road in December, but aren’t you delighted every time? Spread some Christmas cheer to fellow holiday travelers this year by adding a red Rudolph nose to your grille and some weather-ready brown antlers to your roof.

Rooftop Tree

Add a wimpy evergreen even Charlie Brown would be proud of to your rooftop this year. With this silly decoration, you’ll see more than your fair share of smiles and points at your decked-out holiday hauler.

Bows & Boughs

Pick up one of those big red bows (the ones automakers love to trot out for their holiday sales commercials) and give a little gift to yourself by adding it to your trusty Hyundai this Christmas season. You can also add some evergreen garland to your windows. With all these decorations, be sure you’re applying them safely and not interfering with your visibility.

Don’t forget to schedule your next service appointment at Gossett Hyundai South! The best holiday gift of all is the gift of a reliable and trustworthy ride.

Keep the Kiddos Entertained with These Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Add some fun to your family gathering with these easy Thanksgiving crafts

The wait time between the end of the parade and the emergence of turkey from the oven on Thanksgiving Day can feel like forever, especially for your kids. Here are a few fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts you can share with your family to keep everyone happy and entertained come Turkey Day.

Turkey Windsocks

Break out the glue-guns! Strip the label off one of the many cans you used to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner. Glue on some googly-eyes, a felt nose (or any triangular piece of orange fabric), and a little teardrop-shaped gobbler to the front of the can. Add some feathers to the top and some long ribbon to the bottom, and you’ve got a beautiful little turkey windsock any child would be proud to hang on the front porch!

Gratitude Turkeys

Cut little feather-shaped pieces of colored paper. On them, have your kids write one thing they’re thankful for: mom, dad, siblings, candy, teachers — whatever comes to their minds. Then, glue the feathers to the back of a paper plate, having them stick out the top like the plumage of a real turkey. Glue an empty toilet-paper roll to the front of the plate and add some googly-eyes (or just use markers to decorate the turkey’s face). Have your kids present their Gratitude Turkeys to the family before you sit down for dinner.

From our family at Gossett Hyundai South to yours, have a happy and filling Thanksgiving!

Hyundai Awards Spotlight

The 2018 Kona and 2018 Tucson were the recipients of the recent round of Hyundai awards

2018 Hyundai Kona

The new Hyundai Kona crossover has already won favor with critics and customers alike. Most importantly, it has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s most coveted safety distinction: The 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick+, when equipped with optional Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist and High Beam Assist.

The 2018 Kona was also named one of the 10 Coolest Cars under $20,000 by Kelley Blue Book’s But that’s not all for the Hyundai Kona: The Kona also nabbed a top honor from Red Dot. Red Dot awarded the Kona with the Red Dot Award for Product Design this year.

2018 Hyundai Tucson

The 2018 Hyundai Tucson also earned several high honors. For starters, the Tucson earned praise from both safety governing bodies: It earned a 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety when equipped with optional Automatic Emergency Braking and HID headlights with Dynamic Bending Lights and a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

J.D. Power has also been quite impressed with the 2018 Tucson. For starters, the Hyundai Tucson ranked as J.D. Power’s “Most Dependable Small SUV” in 2018; this study reviews vehicles throughout their first three years on the road and determines how many or how few problems they have. Because the Tucson had the fewest amount of problems in the small SUV segment, it won the top honor. Consumers also rated the Tucson as highest in infotainment.

The other J.D. Power honor that the Tucson earned was the “Highest Ranked Small SUV in Initial Quality.” Rather than study vehicle performance over three years, this study looks at vehicle performance in the first 90 days of ownership. This means that, once again, the Hyundai Tucson had the fewest issues in its segment, according to J.D. Power.

Want to get behind the wheel and experience these award-winning models for yourself? Stop into Gossett Hyundai South today.